A for effort

Okay boys and girls … I have a pet peeve (okay fine – I have many pet peeves) … but for time’s sake I will narrow it down to just one.

I cannot stand when people comment on my eating/excercise habits. It really irks me, deep down in my soul.

As a petite and fit woman I find it almost as insulting when others comment on my weight, or what is on my plate as I can imagine I would if I was obese. Because you see people – weight is personal.

It is mine, not yours.

It is something I carry (literally and figuratively) day in and day out.

Just yesterday as I was eating my egg whites on light multi grain wheat toast in the lunch room at work I had someone ask me – “what’s your trick for being so skinny?” And I think this quote from Madonna sums up my response perfectly …

“There are no tricks. Tricks don’t work. Discipline does.”

So tonight at the gym – discipline it is. On the schedule for this evening for me and Matt is …

  • 3.0 mi – moderate tempo run (outside if the weather permits)
  • Weight training
  • Abs

Ooh and I almost forget in my rant induced phase above to show you all the super-duper uber cool t-shirt (it is the red one) all of the participants will be receiving for the Nike+ Human Race. Our bib number (10973 for me!) will be printed on the front.


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