put my money where my mouth is

It is OFFICIAL folks … while our tired bodies were deep asleep last night National City decided it was time for me to end my procrastination once and for all and moved my $35.00 registration fee from the pending debit column to the posted column.

I always thought it was silly to charge people to run a race … but now my frugal (read: cheap) self has 35 George Washington’s waiting for me to lace up and make the 10 kilometer trek along the lakeshore in Chicago with 14,999 other people and 1 million Worldwide.

You see … the folks over at Nike came up with this genius marketing plan to hold 25 10K races Worldwide on the August 31st, 2008 for those who use the nikeplus sensor. They have since named it the Nike+ Human Race and have modified the stipulations that you can run using your sensor in your own neighborhood if you’d like … but that isn’t very fun now is it??!

So … a few weeks ago I logged on to sign up for a race in Detroit, but alas, no such race existed (go figure). The closest location was Chicago and whaddayaknow I just so happen to have a very dear friend (Gina) who lives downtown who I was planning on visiting the following weekend anyway! I ran the idea by her (and basically told her that she would be letting me use her living room as a hotel room that weekend) and in a moment of insanity she agreed to join me.

My other cohort on the other hand … not so interested in my devious plan.

Matt – who has been my motivator, teacher, coach, fellow gym rat and personal David Beckham for months now – has taught me all there is to know about weight lifting and weight training (he is going to be the best dagdum teacher this side of the Mississippi someday!) but running … ah yes running … it’s not his strong suit. So when one day I turned to him and said

“wanna run a 10K with me??”

I wasn’t surprised to hear a chuckle followed immediately by a “uuummmm no” response!

BUT – I must be doing something right, or just bugging him enough, because he agreed! (bwwahahahaha!) And diligent he has been … racking up the miles on the treadmill, running back and forth through town, and even doing sprints and intervals on the track of our alma mater.

Which leads me to today … t-minus 38 days folks.

38 days to get my sh*t together.

And this … this little corner of the blogosphere … shall be my journal.

of progress


and success!


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