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Last night Matt and I decided to try a new route (well it was new to me!) for our run. Back in the days of .99 cent per gallon fill ups, when we were in high school, Matt spent his after school hours playing sports. If he wasn’t hitting the links then he was at basketball practice. Now, you’d think if he was at basketball practice he’d be … errr … playing basketball, you know dribbling the leather orb, swooshing 3’s … but ha! instead the entire team spent their “practice” time running. Everywhere. Suicides, laps on the indoor track and miles around town.

So when I explained my annoyance with the same ‘ol up and down Pontiac Trail run I have been taking since I started my training, he suggested the 3 mile loop the team would take in boot camp – ahem, basketball. And not that I didn’t believe him that it was 3 miles, but it just seemed too short. So off my fingers went typing, bringing me to the ever helpful and sure as the Pope is Catholic …

High School Loop
Find more Runs in South Lyon, Michigan

3.0 miles indeedy sweetie – and off we went!

The run was great – best one we’ve had together thus far in fact. It is almost all sidewalk which is a pleasant change from the half-in-the-road-half-on-a-beat-up-sidewalk run I have through town. There are a few changes in elevation, notably the large and steep hell hill on Pontiac Trail approaching the high school. It sucks. I hate it. However I did comment to Matt after the run how much I enjoyed the change in scenery.

Each half mile is broken down in to different backdrops if you will. The first is just along 11 mile, then you proceed on through the subdivision, then down the back road parallel with the trail, then le tour de “downtown”, hell hill and finally the home stretch! It’s nice to break up the monotony of a run and makes time pass much more quickly.

We were both thrilled with how we felt after the run – Matt only sweat through 2 shirts – a miracle indeed! We had ho’d and hummed about whether or not we’d continue on to the gym for weight training but we both felt great so we agreed to make it a quick one.

When we got to the gym Sharon was working. She loves us! No seriously. She does. We chatted a bit about the race as usual. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I love love love it! We worked on shoulders which was nothing short of torture … I was grimicing and grunting like a cavewoman. Did the usual ab routine and called it a night.

Tonights workout is still in the air – if anything it will be a light run at the gym and abs because … It’s Friday bitches – woot woot – so realistically I would rather just be a veggie-table and relax. The only condition is that at 8:15 a.m. tomorrow I will be pampered and spoiled the way I deserve to be 😉 at Visions in Novi for a spa pedicure and then in the afternoon we have Matt’s cousin Jeff’s wedding … so a workout will NOT, I repeat NOT be in order for my Saturday.

**Special shout-out to my loving and generous man candy for purchasing the manicure (being saved for another day) and pedicure for me!

so on that note … I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I will see you here on Monday with pictures from the wedding and other going’s on’s!


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