home is where the humidity is

I love Michigan.

I swear.

I do.

You see … growing up my parents did something for my sister and I which few other parents (with the exception of the Griswold’s) ever venture to try doing. For a few weeks each summer we’d pack in to our conversion van, a la the Partridge Family, and drive cross country.

One year it was Michigan to Florida, up the coast and back home. We covered Disney, the Fountain of Youth, Charlotte, a trip to the ER in Roanoke for my sister, Washington D.C., a tour inside the White House and 5374534 museums

Another it was Michigan to Colorado, MEXICO (& yes. My family really did drive to Mexico, and no I will never do it again) and back. Included was a drive through the smelliest town in America – Ogalala, Nebraska, Rocky Mountain National Park, Pikes Peak, Albuquerque, the “Very Large Array” (aka. a very large waste of time”), Mexico border crossing, family in Tucson, Meteor Crater, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon and Vail.

Then there was Michigan to New York City (when the love affair began) up to Canada, back down to the States and home. Also included were stops at Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont, Montreal, Quebec City, and Bar Harbor Maine.

In addition to those long trips we have been down and back to Florida countless times, New York again, as well as the Carolina’s. I have traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Dallas, Texas on my own, and LIVED New York City – which I will discuss at a later time when I have a box of tissues handy and have prepared my love-lorn heart.

… and you see … my travels around these wonderful United States of America, as well as our lovely neighbors to the north and south, have instilled in me an appreciation for HOME more then any cruise or day at the beach could. I have been lucky enough to see more of this land then most people 3 times my age. And if I had to choose one place to live for the rest of my life – you’d bet your bottom dollar it’d be right here:


Yes we have winter, and I hate it. Have I mentioned I loathe the snow?? Especially when it is falling in April, or worse yet May … BUT I also love waking up to a fresh blanket of fluffy snow on Christmas morning – even as an adult it is magical.

And the rain in the spring … eeeek – it can be horrific … BUT seeing the trees come back to life

and the transformation of my backyard from sleepy hallows into dense arbors is sensational.

And fall – ahhh yes fall. It is always sad seeing the landscape slowly slip into a deep sleep for the coming months … BUT It makes my heart flutter. The crispness of the air. Hearing the echos of the high school band drumline playing on a Friday night from my patio. Pulling out my favorite warm hoodie from deep within my closet and standing in a parking lot tailgating for 8 hours while drinking and eating in excess. Oh yes …

and the incredible crimson and burnt orange hues of the leaves. It is spectacular.

And finally I find myself, circa now, trapped in the dog days of a Michigan summer. Where the humidity pushes 100% by noon on most days, and you feel like you are stuck in an excruciating sauna from the moment you rise until … well until the next morning you rise, because even in slumber it doesn’t cease.

And for those of you runners who do not live in a sauna …

... running, in Michigan, in July/August is TORTURE. If I could do it naked, without getting arrested, gawked at, or harrassed, I probably would.

**Disclaimer: the following information is an honest, and gross account of my workouts!**

The sweat my body produces is ridiculous. I am dead serious. I could easily soak through 2 shirts. And my hair – ICK ICK ICK. After a run it looks like I submerged my head in water. And it doesn’t stop there! My feet (poor pedicure), behind my knees, between my boobs, EVEN MY PALMS FOLKS, are drenched! And although running on the treadmill is probably my least favorite form of exercise, in these tough times, I am often tempted to hoove it on rotating rubber in my air conditioned gym, because I JUST CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT ANYMORE. I am ready to get out of the kitchen!

And so you see … I love Michigan.

I swear.
Cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-stick-a-needle-in-my-eye. I do.

Great Lakes, Great Times

but on nights like the ones we’ve had lately, I wish I lived in Alaska. 🙂


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